How to Play

Serve up powerful shots

Bask in back-and-forth rallies before slamming rivals with a mix of moves, from lightning fast to racket breaking.


Standard Shots

Green ball

Learn these standard shots on the tennis court, then challenge yourself to master more strategic shots.


A high-trajectory shot with a high bounce and a fast speed.


A low-trajectory shot with a low bounce and slow speed.


It has no spin, but this is the fastest shot.


A very high-trajectory shot to zoom over your opponent’s head.

Drop Shot

A shot with minimal bounce that aims for the front of the court.


Advanced techniques

Green ball

Discover a deep arsenal of strategy with these powerful moves.

  • Charge


    Press and hold a shot button as the ball approaches you to charge up the power of your next shot.

  • Star Shot

    Star Shot

    A powerful shot that lets you slam a ball that then bounces up. Hit when you’re standing on a star point.


Serving up new mechanics

Green ball

A few other things you’ll need to know to succeed on the court.

  • Zone Shot

    Zone Shot

    Pinpoint any spot you want to aim at using motions controls and send the ball crashing down. Rivals must return shots with perfect timing…or after three hits, their racket will break!

  • Trick Shot

    Trick Shot

    Leap toward a distant ball and greatly increase your energy. This is a risky shot—if your timing is late, you may lose the point or some energy.

  • Special Shot

    Special Shot

    When your energy gauge is charged to full, fire a super-charged Special Shot. This shot uses up all your energy but might break your rival’s racket.

  • Racket Breaking

    Racket Breaking

    Swing at a Special Shot with just the right timing—or the shot will instantly break the racket!

  • Zone Speed

    Zone Speed

    When using Zone Speed, the world around you moves in slow motion, giving you a chance to perform incredible feats.

  • Energy gauge

    Energy gauge

    Fill your energy gauge with intense rallies and Trick shots to execute Zone Shot and Zone Speed.