Master every mode

Get into the swing of things with fun single-player modes. Then challenge your friends and family to multiplayer matches* anytime, anywhere!

Adventure Mode

Number of players: 1

Master the controls and gameplay mechanics as you journey through the Kingdom of Bask. Control Mario to complete missions, take on bosses, and defeat the legendary racket.

Adventure Mode

Swing Mode

Number of players: 1-4 players*

Gently swing the Joy-Con™ controller like an actual tennis racket using motion control, and intuitively play as you use a variety of shots like forehand, backhand, and slice.

Swing Mode

Tournament Mode

Number of players: 1

Tournament Mode

COM Tournament

Duke it out against computer-controlled opponents in increasingly difficult cups (Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup, Star Cup) as you make your way to the top of the bracket.

Online Tournament

Play as many matches online as you want throughout the month to rack up in-game points. You can even watch in real time as you rise through the ranks. Participants can get early access to an additional playable character each month! See characters

How to participate:

Select Tournament from the main menu, then choose from COM Tournament or Online Tournament, which offers Standard Class (includes energy, the new shots, and racket breaking) or Simple Class (basic shots only).

Tournament champs deserve an award!

Check out the Party pack for a printable papercraft trophy, a tourney bracket, and other great activities.

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Free Play

Challenge your friends and family in a dedicated multiplayer mode. If all players are using the same Nintendo Switch system, then 1-4 people can play.*

Free Play

Local Play

Number of players: 2-4*

Play against family and friends both locally and online for up to 4-player fun in singles or doubles.

Online Play**

Number of players: 1-2

Play with friends, match randomly with other players, or rise up the ranks of other players in online tournaments to unlock special outfits and playable characters.

Co-op Challenge

Number of Players: Check active event in-game for details.

Available September 19

These online co-op events let you participate in missions that are only available for a limited time. Complete the objectives while these missions are active and you’ll receive special outfits, characters with alternate color schemes, and more!

Adventure Mode